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We work directly with over 35 local organic farmers and artisans to source the freshest items available each week

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Common Questions

Can I change my basket size at any time?
Sure can! You're not locked into anything and can change basket sizes as much as you like.
Can I customize my CSA produce box?
Totally! All the baskets are fully customizable! We'll email you each Friday afternoon to let you know what's coming in the basket that week. From there you've got until 10am the day before your delivery (or noon Sunday for Monday customers) to make as many changes as you'd like. It's free to customize any of our baskets over $50 and just $2 to customize baskets under $50.
What other items can I add to my order?
You're in for a treat! We work with our favourite local bakeries, coffee roasters, cheese makers and other artisans in the city to bring in fresh items for us each morning. You can also add additional produce and pantry items to your order at anytime. Have a look at the Shop section of our site for the full selection!
What if I'm not home when you deliver?
No problemo. We'll leave the basket at your front door or your preferred location so you'll have fresh organic produce when you arrive home! The delivery comes in an airtight rubbermaid container to help protect it from the elements.
Can I skip or cancel a delivery?
Taking a holiday? You can skip your delivery at anytime through your account online using our 'skip a week' option or give us a quick call or email and we'll make sure it's cancelled.
When do I get my basket?
We're in different areas of the city on certain days of the week. Check out our route map to see where you fall. All the orders are packed fresh in the morning and delivered to you between 1pm and 8pm.
How does payment work?
Easy! We can take payment by credit card (billed automatically the day of delivery and you're sent an e-mail receipt) as well as cash or cheque (left in the empty bin each week for the driver to pick up when he drops off your basket).
Do you deliver to apartment buildings or condos?
Indeed we do! We actually have several options when it comes to delivering to apartment/condo buildings. Many of our customers provide us with a spare key to the building, so we can let ourselves in and then leave your bin in front of your apartment door. If you have a concierge or building security, or a willing landlord or neighbour on the premise, we can either leave the bin with them or contact them to let us in. Whatever the case, we're flexible and can accomodate most situations.
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No commitment. Skip or cancel any time.